HACKED BY Union Sunnah HackeR

And the number keep increases and the blood keep flowing

and everyday hundreds of martyrs and woundeds fall down as a result of

bombing of the agents and traitors and the dictatorial governments

in the middle of the silence of our neighbor countries.Yesterday it was

Palestine and Afghanistan and today it's Syria and Iraq and Yemen for

how long this licentious silence will remain???

We're asking you today to move or you'll get the evil from the ones

you sent and entered our countries with your permission to kill us

and kill our children and women you'll have the evil of the Lebanese hizbullah

and the evil of Iran and the evil of the Syrian regime and the evil

of the huthees group who kill the free innocent people

Today is Syria and Iraq and Palestine , Afghanistan and Somalia and Libya and Yemen who's tomorrow???

Enough droop and silence about what's happening to us and stop accepting

to send soulders to kill us under the argument of anti-terrorism

And now if you've skipped all the previous and you think that we don't deserve

to live make sure that instead of every man dies one thousand man born and we'll

fight who ever come close to our countries by all the ways and methods to

stop the occupations and we'll have our lands back from the evil Zionists and magis

The Arabic countries are free today ,tomorrow , and forever

Free Palestine - Free Syria - Free iraq - Free Yemen - Free Arab Muslim
No USA - NO Russia - No israel - No iran

Union Sunnah HackeR